Episcopalians first organized a church in Huntington in 1889.  Attempts were made to continue a congregation, but nothing took hold until the 1940’s.  Services then were conducted in the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers on Market Street. On September 11, 1949, Episcopal families formally petitioned Bishop Reginald Mallet, the Bishop of Northern Indiana, to establish a mission church.  After approval, a home at 904 Jefferson Street was purchased.  The downstairs was converted into a chapel.   The year 1950 saw the first baptism and confirmations– eleven people were confirmed on November 6, 1950.  The young mission purchased a home at 916 Jefferson Street as a vicarage. 

During the tenure of The Rev. John T. Russell, the congregation officially became known as Christ the King Episcopal Church.  This same Father Russell, upon his death in 1984, left Christ the King five thousand dollars in his will, which was applied towards purchasing our organ.    On July 18, 1958, the Ayres home at 1224 North Jefferson Street was purchased and converted into a chapel.  The first service in the new location was celebrated on September 7, 1958. 

In 1967, Bishop Walter C. Klein requested that a new structure be erected.  The congregation chose to remain at 1224 North Jefferson Street.  The Ayres home was demolished, and the present A-frame structure was built.  Ground was broken on November 25, 1968, and the cornerstone laid on August 9, 1969.  The Reverend Ian Schlotterbeck was vicar.  In the cornerstone is a copper box containing a cross, a Holy Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, a record of the Founders, and the original church petition which listed the 24 original church members of 1949.  The new facility was dedicated on December 7, 1969. 

The crucifix that is now located in the Narthex was originally located at the altar.    In March of 1970, the present Christus Rex was hung on the “east” wall for Easter.  It was hand-carved by wood carvers in Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany, as a gift from the Morrett family.  

In the summer of 1989, a new entrance and baptistry were constructed as a first phase of a total expansion plan.  As our congregation continued to grow in numbers and in faith, Christ the King became a parish of the Diocese of Northern Indiana in 1994. Construction of the parish hall, sacristy and an office for the priest on the main level and five classrooms on the undercroft level took place in the spring of 2001.   

Those serving as priests-in-charge and vicars since 1948 include: David A. Reid, Hugh N. Barnes, John T. Russell, Horace L. Varian, Carl R. Bloom, John R. Patston, Rodney W. Jarchow, Ian Schlotterbeck, Peter D’Alesandre, Arnold Hoffman, John Miles, Jack Bliven, Curtis E. Ross, Margaret Harker, and Richard Miller. Father Ted Neidlinger currently serves as Priest-in-Charge . 

More detail and pictures may be found at the following site: https://scalar.usc.edu/works/episcopal-diocese-of-northern-indiana-archives/christ-the-king-episcopal-church-huntington

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