• The Episcopal Archives – responsible for the collection, management, and preservation of the records and archives of the national Episcopal Church. —
  • The Episcopal Catechism – from the Book of Common Prayer, page 845, courtesy of The Episcopal Church in the USA –
  • The Lectionary Page – The Bible lessons used in the regular worship of the Episcopal Church, fully indexed, with liturgical calendar.

  • The Lambeth Conference – – worldwide conference of Anglican bishops with prayer, bible study, Eucharist, listening, and sharing. Canterbury, England.
  • OREMUS – dedicated to being a comprehensive place of prayer on the Internet. The site includes resources for daily prayer and other worship, including hymns and liturgical forms.
  • Anglican Fellowship of Prayer – conferences, teaching aids, prayer requests, prayer vigil schedules for worldwide Anglican communion.
  • Episcopal Marriage Encounter –
  • The Anglican Library – publishing new HTML editions of Christian literature from the Anglican tradition and other works that have traditionally been of interest to


●    The Church Deployment Office of the Episcopal Church and click the Development tab)