How Episcopalians Worship

The Episcopal church is liturgical; it has formal rites for public worship, which are set forth in the Book of Common Prayer.  Page numbers in the bulletin refer to this book.  In addition, the Hymnal contains service music (chants and prayers set to music, which are denoted by S-numbers and are found in the front of the book), with regular hymns following.  The Bible is also read regularly during services.

Sunday services include the Holy Eucharist (communion) whenever a priest is present to administer it.  All baptized Christians are welcome to receive the bread and the wine.  Communicants walk to the altar rail at the front of the church, where they are served the wafer of bread by the priest.  They may then go to the right side of the altar rail to pick up a cup and receive the wine, or they may go to the left to receive wine from the common cup. Morning and Evening Prayer services on Thursdays do not include communion.

Opportunities at Christ the King

The members of our church are actively involved in all phases of our worship.  Parishioners serve by singing in the choir, serving as acolytes or carrying the cross, serving the wine for communion, reading the lessons from the Bible, helping with the Offertory, or reading the Prayers of the People.  Other members will be serving as greeters, sponsoring treats for Coffee Hour, or helping behind the scenes on the Altar Guild.

Our church is presided over by our Priest-in-Charge.  He works with the Vestry, which is our local governing body of parish members. Together they make the important decisions needed to keep things running smoothly. Vestry members are elected by the parish during the Annual Meeting in January.  They serve three-year terms which are staggered to have two new vestry members each year.  The Vestry consists of the clergy, a Senior Warden, a Junior Warden, six lay members, the parish treasurer and parish clerk; they meet monthly on the third Thursday.

Our Vestry is the legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property.

The basic responsibilities of the Vestry are to help define the mission of the congregation; to support the church’s mission by word and deed; to select the rector; to ensure effective organization and planning; and to manage resources and finances.

Our present Vestry members are:

Sr. Warden:  Gary Beatty

Jr. Warden:  John Jepsen

Britina Boxell 2023

Sue Nunemaker 2023

Linda Beatty 2024

Marguerite Wire 2024

Sue Jepsen 2025

Nancy Heasley 2025

Priest in Charge:  The Rev. Canon Ted Neidlinger                            

 Organist/Choir Director:  Sue Nunemaker

 Treasurer: Mark Parker

Finance Committee: Mark Parker

Stewardship Chair: Meg Moss

Fundraising Chair: Judy Frischman

Building and Grounds Chair: John Jepsen

Hospitality: Marguerite Wire

Altar Guild Chair: Linda Beatty

Newsletter Editor:  Sue Jepsen