Bishop/Rector, The Rt. Reverend Edward Little, II


Priest in Charge, Canon Fr Ted Neidlinger

Treasurer, Mark Parker
Growing In Faith Treasurer, Judy Frischman  
Finance Committee: 
Mark Parker
Stewardship Chair: Meg Moss
Fundraising Chair: Judy Frischman
Building and Ground Chair: John Jepsen
Hospitality: Nancy Heasley
Altar Guild Chair: Linda Beatty

Adult Education Coordinator  Gary Beatty

Lay Eucharist Ministers: 
Beth Ebersole
Les Graham
Dixie Harrold
Fred Heasley
Carmen Oswalt



The Vestry
Senior Warden, Carmen Oswalt
Junior Warden, John Jepsen


Beth Ebersole
        Linda Beatty

                                                                                                                                                                     Al Sims

     Meg Moss
Dixie Harold
          Alex Klausing