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                   WELCOME TO OUR CHURCH 

Christ the King is  a parish within the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana.  Our membership is an active community of faith which includes members of all ages and interests, though our present demographic tends to be older parishioners.

Whether you are a seeker or a visitor, you will be welcome at our worship.  At Christ the King, all baptised persons are invited to share in comr Christ the King.mnion.  If you are looking for a church home, we hope you will conside


How Episcopalians Worship

The Episcopal church is liturgical; it has formal rites for public worship, which are set forth in the Book of Common Prayer.  Page numbers in the bulletin refer to this book.  In addition, the Hymnal contains service music (chants and prayers set to music, which are denoted by S-numbers and are found in the front of the  book), with regular hyumns following.  The Bible is also read regularly during services.

Sunday services inculde the Holy Eucharist (communion) whenever a priest is present to administer it.  All baptised Christians are welcome to receive the bread and the wine.  Communicants walk to the altar rail at the front of the church, where they are served the wafer of bread by the priest.  They may then go to the right side of the altar rail to pick up a cup and receive the wine.



The members of our church are actively involved in all phases of our worship.  Parishioners serve by singing in the choir, serving as acolytes or carrying the cross, serving the wine for communion, reading the lessons from the Bible, helping with the Offertory, or reading the Prayers of the People.  Other members will be serving as greeters, sponsoring treats for Coffee Hour, or helping behind the scenes on the Altar Guild.

We are working on having Adult Sunday School again; it was suspended during the time of COVID restrictions.

Our church is presided over by our Priest-in-Charge.  He works with the Vestry, which is our local governing body of parish members who are elected by the members each year.  Together they make the important decisions needed to keep things running smoothly.

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    -To share Jesus Christ-
    Bishop/Rector Rt. Rev. Douglas Sparks

    Priest in Charge Canon Fr. Ted Neidlinger

    1224 North Jefferson Street  (State Route 5)
    Huntington, Indiana  46750





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